Hearts for the Homeless teams visit homeless camps in and around the Indianapolis area each week.    Teams bring a fresh meal and other items needed at each camp.  Our approach is to provide a consistent and genuine relationship.  This allows our team members to build trust and friendships; to identify needs and work with each individual to come up with a plan to accomplish the goals that they once thought were unreachable.  

Often the needs are of a nature that require professional guidance.  Hearts for the Homeless is building relationships with other organizations who can offer healthcare, counseling, rehabilitation, housing, etc.   In April 2017, with the help of Pathway to Recovery, 3 individuals choose to fight their addictions. 

Several of our team members have conquered drug or alcohol addiction, abusive relationships, and/or homelessness.  This experience allows us to truly relate with their situations.  We visit these beautiful hearts to listen, to help, to encourage and to remind them that they are seen and that they can overcome.  


Often times individuals obtain housing.  Hearts for the Homeless also has a “transitioning” program that provides furniture, bedding, household items, cleaning products, hygiene products, food and clothing to those finally have a home.    We try to stay in contact with them to continue showing our love and support and to provide encouragement for their new journey.


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