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Hearts for the Homeless is a street outreach ministry.  We believe that in order to assist those without homes we must build relationships.  We believe that God started this outreach and called us to spread His love and to share the true gospel.  Beyond that,  our primary goal is to show all those who are broken that they matter, that they are loved, that they are not invisible.  We believe this is accomplished through consistency, patience, understanding and unconditional love.    


We have one street outreach team that visits camps on the west side of Indianapolis every Saturday, providing a warm meal, drinks, seasonal necessities and love.  We currently see between 45-60 people each week. Many have pets and we love them too!  We provide pet food and accessories as available. 

Although we do not participate in the housing programs, we visit those who have obtained housing whenever possible; they are our friends and maintaining the relationships that have been created is important to their growth.

We make every effort to avoid enabling.  There is a fine line between necessities and wants.  We encourage our followers to donate items to your favorite organization instead of dropping items off where those without homes may reside (Marion County).  There is an extreme problem with trash and waste.  The city is cracking down and although peoples' hearts are in the right place this practice is detrimental.


We are supported 100% by our followers.  The food and items we provide are all from donations.  Funding is obtained via monetary donations by our supporters. 


We currently utilize Meal Train for weekly meals.  If interested you can find more information and sign up via the link under Get Involved. 

We have found that small is best.  Our purpose is to build trust and providing more intimate settings for conversations works best and allows them to open up more.  We do allow people to join 2 Saturday's a month with a once yearly limit.  This is currently done through Sign Up Genius.

We are blessed!

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