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In years past our family would do something for the needy during the holidays.   It seemed as though each year what we were doing became more of an obligation and less rewarding.  In September 2016 God told me to “go to the source” …. it took me a minute to figure out what that meant.   On a cold Saturday in November me and my husband left with a truck load of coats and blankets that we had collected and we headed to Indianapolis, really having no idea where we were going.  We prayed for guidance and God took us directly to a camp along the river.  


We pulled up under a bridge and didn’t see anything and was about to leave then I saw a trail.  We followed it and was greeted by a big, not so happy, bearded man.  I thought he was going to chop us up with a machete!  It took a while to gain his trust but I eventually got him to smile – I now get big bear hugs from him every time I see him!  That was the beginning of Hearts for the Homeless!

When we first started Scott and I both had full time jobs.  We operated out of the back of an Expedition, cooked in our kitchen and used our shop room for storage.   The support from Hendricks County residents was unbelievable!  Scott loved to cook and made all the meals, he built the shelving for our "storage" and fabricated the generator/salamander trailer below. 

God plans our lives and puts us through trials to prepare us for things we would've never imagined.  Scott and I have quite the testimony that I may share one day. God allowed us to go through addictions, abuse, incarceration, homelessness - we each overcame and healed by God's grace and will but in His timing - together we had the experience to genuinely connect with the people we met.

  My husband was diagnosed with melanoma in 2018 and passed away February 2019.  I paused for a little over a year and once I got back out the healing began!  We still operate out of my home but we have grown so much.  The way God has provided, including the current team, leaves zero doubt that this is where He wants me.  He has given me the ability to work with passions of my heart – broken people, abused women and animals.  From day one God has taken the reigns and I’m holding on….

May 31, 2021

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Above photos from 2016/2017

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