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God has made it perfectly clear that this is His mission - the current team was put together by Him, we've been blessed to be chosen to carry out His work.  

After the passing of my husband I didn't have any desire to continue.  But that wasn't God's plan.  He uses people and circumstances to accomplish His will.  Since starting back up in 2019 every need that has arisen has been met, from a new space to work out of, a donation bin, food, supplies, refrigerators and freezers, funds for needed purchases and fees, to just about every single request that's been made on Facebook - AND THEN SOME!  

There have been frustrations throughout but each time God has shown us that He's working on something bigger.  Do we know exactly what that is?  No.  We just have to step away sometimes and let Him show us; we are simply following His lead.  Our purpose is to show those less fortunate that they matter, that they are loved and that they are beautiful children of God.  H4H and a handful of other outreaches plant and water and God cultivates in His timing.

When we first started we served close to 100 people each week.  There was a camp of at least 40 people that has since been evicted and all have spread out all over the city.  Currently, over a 7-8 hour day we serve anywhere from 45-60 people. 

Some things we are working towards:

  1. Adding a 2nd team/route - We receive messages from camps on different sides of town requesting that we add them to our route.  This would require an additional vehicle, coffee pot and double the supplies.

  2. Office/Warehouse space - We currently operate out of the 2,000 sq. ft. basement in the home the founder rents.  We need a more stable location with no stairs.  This would allow us to be better organized and to utilize volunteers to manage the donations, inventory and warehouse.

  3. Boutique/Thrift Store - We receive all kinds of donations and could accept more if we had the space.  Many of our friends obtain housing and need furniture and household items.  Currently we share many of the donations received that we are not able to use with other organizations.  We hope to open a boutique type store in the Hendricks County area.  This boutique would also assist Hendricks County residents who are victims of tragic events such as a fire.  

  4. Expanding our services to include more social services type assistance such as obtaining ID, coordinating assistance with pets, housing with goals and continued support, etc. 

    In the meantime, we will continue to serve those we've grown to love!


and when necessary using words

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